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Studio Bangana x STAI: Creativity, conflict & open decks

2 Juni 17:00 - 23:30

muziek, Workshop

We are excited to share that for the second time Studio Bangana is teaming up with STAI (Students Tilburg Amnesty International) to bring you an event which connects human rights with arts and culture!

At 17:00 we start with several workshops!

  • Political Action Workshop
  • Amnesty Write for Rights campaign
  • Time for creation

Join our workshops to learn more about the current crisis on the African continent and organize political action. Then become active yourself by writing letters that change lives (https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/write-for-rights/), and lastly join our ‘time for creation’ where you get your creative juices flowing and create something meaningful (to share later during the open mic if you would like to).

At 20:30 we will open our DJ decks again: like a typical Studio Bangana night! But this time we have an addition: a microphone for poetry, singing, stand up comedy or any other creative form you would like to share. Even better if your performance had a human rights related message :).